3 Ways to Get Employee Buy-In

The world’s best PPE can’t protect your workers if they’re not wearing it. Here are three effective ways to get your workers to buy in to safety.

  1. Collaborate between Departments

Safety is a team effort. Health and Safety Managers are in charge of worker safety, but Engineering Managers also help to keep workers safe with machinery design and guarding controls. Engineering usually shares responsibility for productivity with Operations – so why should safety be any different? Allowing safety to spread across departments is critical to maintaining compliance. So make sure that all of your workers – from the top floor to the shop floor –have an understanding of safety goals, roles and responsibilities.
  2. Establish a Wear Testing Program

Try it before you buy it! Let your workers try the PPE you’re considering. Involving workers in the decision-making process increases employee trust and compliance.

  3. Share Your Visions & Goals

Workers are more engaged and more likely to comply when they feel that what they do is in line with a vision they care about. Share your company’s safety vision and goals with your workers and talk to them about your strategy and challenges. Let each worker know how his or her job contributes to the goals of the company.

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