3M™ FF-400-18 Stacked Lens Cover Respiratory Protection Accessory

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Brand: 3M™
Model #: 00051141567884

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To minimize the number of work stoppages caused by single-layer lens covers needing replacement during a work shift, 3M has created an all-new protective lens cover system for 3M Ultimate FX Full Facepiece Reusable Respirators. The 3M Stacked Lens Cover FF-400-18 solves the problem of interrupting work frequently to replace the lens cover. This lens cover system comes with seven layers, allowing you to simply peel away the outer layer as it becomes contaminated with residue.

  • Includes seven removable lens cover layers to help protect the facepiece lens
  • Each layer easily peels away by hand as outer layer becomes clouded with overspray, dirt and residue
  • Peeling away contaminated layer reveals a clean layer underneath
  • The perimeter adhesive on the lens cover seals firmly to the lens and helps keep debris away from facepiece lens
  • Outer layer may be peeled away by hand while wearing respirator, limiting work stoppages to change the lens cover
  • Stacked lens cover system minimizes prep time when multiple lens covers are required to perform a job
  • System works with 3M Ultimate FX Full Reusable Respirators Facepiece, models FF-401, FF-402 and FF-403
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Customer Questions
This product usually comes 25 to a pack. How may packs come to a case.

Thank you for your interest in Magid Glove's Website.The 3MFF40018 stacked lens covers are packed 20 pack per case. If you have further questions, Customer Service @ 1-800-444-8030 can be of assistance.

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