Moldex Earplug Dispensers

Moldex® SparkPlugs® PlugStation® 6644/6645 Ear Plug Dispensers Moldex® 6647 Goin' Green® PlugStation® Ear Plug Dispensers Moldex® Mellows™ Orange Disposable Foam Earplugs with PlugStation® Dispenser
As low as $30.05 /DP
As low as $62.10 /DP
As low as $28.45 /DP
Moldex® 6794/6795 Pura-Cones™ PlugStation® Ear Plug Dispenser Moldex® 6744/6745 Traffic Cones® PlugStation® Ear Plug Dispenser Moldex® Pura-Fit® PlugStation® 6844/6845 Ear Plug Dispensers
As low as $28.40 /DP
As low as $54.60 /DP
As low as $33.75 /DP
Moldex Earplug Dispensers

Give employees quick and easy access to hearing protection with Moldex earplug dispensers. Magid Glove & Safety offers a variety of Moldex Earplug Dispensers. Each dispenser is wall-mountable for easy placement near employee workstations. Moldex earplug dispensers contain 100% PVC-free earplugs and you can choose between a range of Noise Reduction Ratings (NRR) from 23dB - 33dB.

Call Magid Glove & Safety today and keep hearing protection close to your employees with Moldex Earplug Dispensers.