Aesthetics in PPE

PPE is becoming increasingly high-tech. Workers are sporting new cut resistant materials, Bluetooth and even wearable technology like back harnesses that track lifting form and habits. But one of the biggest trends emerging in PPE is also one of the simplest - looking cool.

According to one safety manager, “One of the biggest recent trends is employees’ desire to have their safety gear look as cool and perform as well as their ‘weekend gear.’  Workers who like to hunt, fish or ski are familiar with the best in moisture-wicking, breathable fabrics, as well as comfortable compression fit gear. Given that familiarity, a pair of brown jersey gloves and a cotton duck coat and coveralls just doesn’t cut it anymore. PPE has to look cool and work well."

While some styles look better than others, PPE must first and foremost keep workers safe, even if that means sacrificing style for safety. But whenever you can combine those two things, keeping workers safe and looking cool, it actually improves compliance.

Top PPE Style Trends to Keep Workers Looking Cool

Here are some of the top styles workers want to see in their PPE:

  Hi-Visibility colors
  Sporty gloves
  Branded gear / Customized clothing options
  Modern FR options: such as jeans, lighter FR shirts with designs, jackets, and other items that  offer “off-the-job” or weekend clothing styles
  Safety glasses with trendy designs and unique color combinations
  Custom, fitted respirators and loose-fitting hood options to accommodate beards