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Q: How much time is appropriate to allocate toward safety training?

A: OSHA standards require safety training for workers in many types of hazardous occupations. Every organization should have safety training as part of its new employee orientation, as well as a solid ongoing communication program and regular refresher courses.

There is no set formula for determining how much time is needed for safety training. It is important to remember that time invested in safety training is time well spent that will ultimately translate into money saved in lost time, workers compensation, better educated employees, a healthier workforce, well-maintained equipment, and increased efficiencies.

For more information on the importance of safety training, consult the following organizations:

Public In formation: 2021219-8151

National Institute for Occupational
Safety and Health
Public Information: 404/639-3534

National Safety Council
Website: http://www.nsc.orglnsc