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Article # 8101

Basic Supplies

While you will accumulate a variety of remedies as you experience various first aid emergencies, it is important to have these items on hand in ample supply:

• Bandages in assorted sizes
• Gauze bandage
• Adhesive tape
• Rubbing alcohol (70%)
• Antibiotic ointment
• Aspirin or non aspirin pain reliever
• Petroleum jelly
• Cotton balls and cotton swabs (keep clean and dry)
• Hydrogen peroxide
• Bum ointment
• Calamine/insect bite lotion

Magid is expanding its medical supply product line with the addition of a number of new first aid offerings, Magid will now be able 10 supply unit-dose, non-prescription medications for use in Occupational Health (see Safety Product Roundup·).

Magid is also offering:
• Skin and eye care
• Antiseptics
• Infection control products
• Hot and cold therapy
• Bum treatments
• Medical instruments
• Dispensary equipment & supplies
• Infection control agents
• Ergonomic products
• Re-hydration products