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EconoWear T9558 and T9559 Disposable Nitrile Gloves
Puncture, Abrasion and Chemical Resistant
Manufactured from 100% high-quality nitrile, EconoWear® T9558 Blue and T9559 Black Disposable Nitrile Gloves offer better puncture, abrasion and chemical resistance than disposable vinyl or latex gloves. With the strength of gloves of much greater thickness, the T9558 and the T9559 possess a mere 5 mil thickness that allows for tactile sensitivity and excellent dexterity while reducing hand fatigue.
Get Blue as low as $7.70/DP
Get Black as low as $7.70/DP

with Black NitriX® Grip Technology
GP500 Nitrile Gloves feature a Black NitriX Grip Technology sandy nitrile palm coating designed to provide glove wearers greater coverage and grip in oily conditions than gloves with standard or foam nitrile coatings. Additionally, GP150 offers ANSI Cut Level 1 and ANSI Abrasion Level 4 resistance as well as a water-repellent comfort feature.
as low as $30.48/DZ

ChromaTek CT500 Gloves
Colorful, Fun, Cut & Abrasion Resistant
ChromaTek CT500 gloves are offered in black, blue, pink, purple, and red colors, allowing workers the opportunity to express themselves with an attractive color choice of their own. Featuring ANSI Cut Level 2 and ANSI Abrasion Level 6 protection, ChromaTek CT500 gloves are much more than just color, living up to the solid cut protection that users have come to expect from ANSI cut resistant gloves. The gloves can also be laundered, further increasing the wear time of each pair.
Get Blue, Black, Pink, Purple, or Red,
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Myst Y10 and Mini Myst Y12
Lightweight, Block 99.9% UV Rays
The new Myst Y10 and Mini Myst Y12 Protective Eyewear feature lightweight and fashionable styles with a hardcoated, wrap-around polycarbonate lens for scratch and impact resistance that complies with ANSI Z87.1-2010 High Impact Resistant Standards and blocks 99.9% of harmful ultraviolet light. The Mini Myst Y12 offers the same great features and benefits as the Myst Y10 in a smaller size. At only 1 oz., these styles are perfect for women and other workers with smaller facial features.
Get the Myst Y10 
as low as

Get the Mini Myst Y12
as low as $2.30/PR




CutMaster® Aramax™ XT Gloves and Sleeves
Maximum Cut Protection (cut level 5)
CutMaster® Aramax™ XT Gloves and Sleeves provide maximum hand and arm protection for workers engaged in glass and metal handling, metal parts assembly and even the most arduous metal stamping operations. The gloves and sleeves provide up to ANSI Cut Level 5 protection at a lower price. Washable fabric can be used over and over without compromising performance.
Gloves - as low as $79.92/DZ
Sleves - as low as $3.10/EA


My Magid sales rep sent me some Gemstone Myst [safety eyewear] samples, but they never made it to my desk – they were being worn on the shop floor before I could even take a look at them. We knew we had a hot commodity if people were that anxious to wear these glasses!

J.W., Safety Director
A leading automobile parts manufacturer
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