CarbonX® Apparel
Protective Clothing

Life-saving, fire-resistant protective apparel
CarbonX® is revolutionizing the world of fire-resistant protective clothing. This high tech material will not burn, even when exposed to temperatures exceeding 2000ºF for over 120 seconds. Instead, under intense heat or flame, CarbonX fabrics maintain their integrity and continue to provide the highest level of persistent protection. This advanced technology has given CarbonX apparel a well-deserved reputation for dramatically reducing the number and severity of workplace burns.

Repels flames while scorching the competition
Scoring at the top of all industry benchmarks, CarbonX outperforms competing fabrics by a wide margin in laboratory testing. It is more versatile, as well, providing protection against flame, molten splash, and arc flash. Unlike FR-treated garments, CarbonX offers inherent protection that does not come out in the wash.

Full body protection
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CarbonX® Apparel features:
  • Flame-resistant protection
    Made from a patented blend of carbonized fibers, CarbonX® fabric maintains its integrity against the direct flame of a 2000°F blow torch without igniting, burning or charring.

  • Tough under any circumstance
    CarbonX fabric also retains a high level of persistence and protection against molten metal and arc flash.

  • Superior comfort, dependable compliance
    Don’t be fooled by its extraordinary toughness; CarbonX is just as comfortable, boasting a cotton-like softness that workers won’t want to take off.

  • Security that lasts
    CarbonX fabric retains its flame resistance for the life of the garment, and unlike FR-treated materials, its protection does not come off in the wash.

  • The experts agree
    CarbonX outperforms competing fabrics like Nomex®, PBI, and Kevlar® by a wide margin in laboratory tests measuring flame resistance.*

CX54 CarbonX fire-resistant, crew neck, long sleeve thermal undershirt S-5XL


CarbonX fire-resistant, thermal pants S-5XL
CX62 CarbonX fire-resistant mechanics gloves S-XL
CX16 CarbonX fire-resistant, heavy knitted thermal sleeve, 16” long, packaged by the pair 1 SZ
CX100 CarbonX fire-resistant, heavy knitted thermal liner glove, packaged by the pair 1 SZ
CX10020 Carbon X fire-resistant, heavy knitted thermal glove liner with attached sleeve, 20” long, packaged by the pair 1 SZ
CX5622 CarbonX fire-resistant, heavy knitted thermal crew socks, packaged by the pair 1 SZ

*As reported by Chapman Innovations, manufacturers of CarbonX fabric - Flame resistance is commonly measured by the highest Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI), the amount of oxygen needed to support combustion. The higher the LOI value, the more flame-resistant the material. Certified Laboratory Testing results: CarbonX = 55 LOI, Nomex III = 26 LOI, PBI = 38 LOI, Kevlar = 30 LOI. More information and full results can be found on