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Article # 12105

Consignment Offers Convenience

At a mill service supplier for a major steel company, space is at a premium. There is just not enough room to house both safety equipment and shoes for workers at each of the company's two facilities. So Keith Sanders, assistant superintendent, contracted with a shoe supplier to come to his facilities once a month to offer shoes to his workers. "It wasn't a very convenient set-up," Sanders says. "Our employees had to wait weeks for their shoes." Sanders decided to talk to his Magid rep about alternative solutions.

Sanders' rep suggested a consignment shoe program at one of the mill's locations. The mills already had a safety store stocked by Magid at one location, but there was no more room there. So they set up the shoe consignment store at the other mill facility. As with the safety store, Magid manages the shoe supply, and items are paid for only as they are dispensed. "At each facility we have a display of the products, PPE or shoes, that are available at the other facility," explains Sanders. "So employees can order from either facility and get their shoes or equipment quickly. Everything is on consignment, and we have stock there when we need it." Sanders adds that Magid has streamlined the process so employees can use payroll deduction to pay for their portion of clothing or shoes.

Sanders says that adding shoes to the consignment mix is better for employees, for him and for the company. "Employees get what they want when they need it," he says. "And it saves time for me, since the program virtually runs itself. This is better for the company, too. The pricing and convenience are much better with Magid than with the supplier we had been using. Everybody's a winner with this arrangement."