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Crib Sheet for the Tool Crib

Employees looking for PPE (personal protective equipment) at an engine boosting system company, now have a clear way of identifying the exact equipment they need from the tool crib. Tom Geer, health safety and environmental manager, and Neal Matty, safety and industrial hygiene specialist, have created a "crib sheet" for their tool crib with each item pictured and identified with its part number.

The 4' x 4' board, located immediately outside the tool crib, pictures all the PPE products available for employees. "We have seven different types of gloves," explains Geer, "each for a different application. Employees might know they need the green glove, but they don't know what the order number is. By the same token, the people running the tool crib might know the order numbers but not the specific usages for each item. Now our employees can find exactly what they need and put the right order in."

"Of course we train our employees on the equipment they should use," he adds. "But employees don 't always remember exactly what they're supposed to order. This serves as a reinforcement. It also educates them about PPE in general and helps them become more aware of the safety equipment used throughout the company. So the board is educational and awareness-building as well as key in reducing incorrect orders."

"We worked with our Magid rep to create the board," says Matty. "Our rep provided the photos and helped put the board together. The board has been up for a few months, and already the feedback has been tremendous. Employees can see exactly what they need."

According to Matty, the board is just one of many initiatives in place at the company to promote health and safety among employees. "This is one component of our proactive safety program," she says. "We work very hard to integrate safety into every part of our daily operations."