We love a challenge!

Too many lacerations?
PPE wearing out too soon?
Workers overheated on the job?

Our safety specialists listen to you, design new products and even change existing ones to meet your needs. And once we’ve engineered a solution, we’ll work with you to test it in your environment and finalize a design that solves your problem.

What’s unique about Magid is that we’re a large enough company that we can handle all of these special requirements for companies big and small. But yet we’re small enough to be flexible and to customize each one of them for our customers.” – Greg Cohen, CEO

Here are just a few products we custom-designed for our customers:

Flame-resistant welder’s jacket with a mesh back to keep workers cool at Toyota

Cut-resistant gloves with a non-stick coating for Cardinal Glass

Leather gloves for a welder with a hand disfigurement at U.S. Steel

Give us your problem & let our safety experts create custom solutions that won’t break your safety budget
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