How to Buy Cut Resistant Clothing

Working with various types of equipment, machinery, tools and parts on a day-to-day basis can result in minor and severe cuts and abrasions. Magid® has a variety of cut resistant clothing options made with quality abrasion-resistant material so that workers can work safely, efficiently and comfortably all day long.


Types of Materials

Magid Aramax® and Aramax XT Yarn
• Proprietary engineered blend of para-aramid, fiberglass and synthetic fibers
• Delivers up to twice the cut and abrasion resistance of 100% aramid or HPPE materials of a similar weight
• Draws sweat and heat away from the skin, keeping hands dry, cool and comfortable
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Magid XKS® Yarn
• Proprietary engineered blend of stainless steel wire, paraaramid and high-performance fibers
• Delivers up to twice the cut protection of 100% aramid or HPPE materials of a similar weight
• Dark coloration extends service life 3X times longer than other gloves

Para-Aramid/Aramid Fiber
• Pound-for-pound, 5 times stronger than steel
• Available in different weights
• Inherent flame, heat, and cut resistance
• DuPont® Kevlar® is a popular para-aramid/aramid fiber
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High Performance Polyethylene (HPPE)
• Pound-for-pound, 15 times stronger than steel
• Low-linting and resistant to chemicals, water and ultraviolet light
• Soft material offers superior comfort
• Magid HPPE gloves can be used as liners for double gloving and added cut resistance

Nylon Mesh
• Great for working with steel or handling glass
• Offers cut resistance in a breathable construction
• Not recommended in applications where sparks and heat are present
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• Performs well in applications where incidental contact with heat may be present
• A knit fabric, typically cotton or blended material
• Small loops on the inside or outside add thickness, cut resistance and thermal protection from heat
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ANSI Cut Level

Cut Level Cut Resistance (Grams)
0 < 200 g
1 ≥ 200 g and < 500 g
2 ≥ 500 g and < 1000 g
3 ≥ 1000 g and < 1500 g
4 ≥ 1500 g and < 3500 g
5 ≥ 3500 g


Additional Selection Criteria for Cut Resistant Sleeves

Thumb Features

Thumb Slot

Thumb Strap

Bar Tack Thumb

FInger Slots




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