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Cutmaster® XKS™ Work Gloves
Hand Protection

Extreme protection
Magid® CutMaster® XKS™ Work Gloves deliver a new standard in cut resistant hand protection. At the core is XKS Yarn manufactured from a unique combination of stainless steel wire, Kevlar® and high performance fibers. The result is a machine knit glove that offers as much as two-and-a-half times greater cut protection than gloves made from a 100% aramid or HPPE yarn of a similar weight. And compared with competing fibers utilizing steel wire, XKS Yarn’s proprietary manufacturing process virtually eliminates wire popping ensuring on-going protection, minimizing potential discomfort and extending wear.

Extreme durability
Benefitting from the inherent strength and dark coloration of XKS Yarn, CutMaster XKS Gloves effectively hide dirt and grime reducing the rate of disposal or laundering required. The gloves’ superb durability in the field and in the wash extends wear up to two to three times longer than gloves made from other cut resistant materials. The reversible design and color coded labels and cuffs allow the gloves to be easily sorted after laundering.

Extreme comfort & dexterity
CutMaster XKSGloves employ a seamless, form fitting design that enhances comfort and agility. Manufactured in several weights and constructions, the ideal CutMaster XKS Series Glove is available to deliver the balance of protection, dexterity and comfort desired.

The Cutmaster® XKS™ Features:

Unique XKS™ Yarn composition
Includes stainless steel wire and Kevlar® to deliver cutting edge cut resistance, abrasion and durability properties.

Dark coloration
Hides dirt and stains extending wear and reducing rate of disposal or laundering required.

Lightweight construction
Offers enhanced dexterity and comfortwith same or greater cut resistance versus heavierweight gloves.

Color coded labels and wristbands
Simplifies glove series and size identification and prevents unraveling.

Seamless, reversible design
Enhances comfort, extends wear and allows for easy sorting and dispensing.

Low-linting properties
Minimizes potential product contamination.

Superb versatility
Ideal for use in automotive manufacturing, metal fabrication, household appliance assembly, aerospace manufacturing, paper production and glass fabrication.



Medium weight XKS™ Blend, ANSI Cut Level 4, sizes 6-10 DZ
XKS200PR Medium weight XKS™ Blend with Black Plastic (PVC) Dots on Both Sides, ANSI Cut Level 4, sizes 7-10 DZ

Medium weight, Elasticized XKS™ Blend, ANSI Cut Level 4, sizes 5-10

XKS300 Heavyweight XKS™ Blend, Reinforced Thumb Crotch, ANSI Cut Level 4, sizes 7-10 DZ
XKS400 Medium weight, Loops Out Terrycloth XKS™ Blend, Reinforced Thumb Crotch, ANSI Cut Level 4, sizes 7, 9 & 10 DZ
XKS450 Heavyweight Loops Out Terrycloth XKS™ Blend, Reinforced Thumb Crotch, ANSI Cut Level 4, sizes 7, 9 & 10 DZ
Please Note: All ANSI Cut Level designations are based on US ANSI 105-2005 and ASTM F-1790-97 Testing Standards.