Article # 2504

Safety Q&A

Q: Which is more critical when selecting a coated glove, degradation or permeation?
A: When referring to a chemical resistance chart, you should definitely consider BOTH ratings. The rating language may vary between manufacturers, but here is a general outline of what each rating means:

Degradation Rating
• Indicates how glove coatings are affected by various chemical/contaminants
• Estimates how that coating will be affected to the point that the physical properties no longer provide liquid proof protection. Examples of this include cracking, peeling, blistering or swelling.
Permeation Rating
• Measures the permeation of a chemical or contaminant through the coating--which could happen with or without degradation.
• Accounts for the gas or vapor associated with a chemical, which may penetrate the coating unnoticed, and not appear or feel wet.
• Measured in breakthrough time, the time it takes the chemical to "seep" through a coating.

As you can see, when selecting the proper glove, it is important to evaluate both ratings to ensure the safest, most comfortable and most applicable product for your specific use.