Disposable Earplugs
Hearing Protection

Promoting good health practices shouldn’t stop at wearing personal protective equipment alone. That is why Magid, your trusted partner in safety, has teamed with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) to help aid in the fight against breast cancer. The NBCF seeks to extend women's lives by increasing awareness of the disease through research, education, early detection and by providing free mammograms for those in need. Now, Magid has made it even easier and more affordable than ever for you to show your support on the job by offering a new E2® IHP732 Pink Disposable Earplug for your industrial hearing protection needs. A donation from Magid will go to benefit the NBCF, so you can wear them with the confidence and pride in knowing that you are helping to protect yourself and so many others at the same time.

Magid® E2® Pink Disposable Foam Earplugs Provide the Highest Protection at the Best Value!
Magid’s E2® Pink Disposable Foam Earplugs are so comfortable your employees won't want to throw them away and so economical, you won't care when they do.

Protects Yourself and Others
Magid takes safety seriously. Not only do the E2 Pink Disposable Earplugs deliver a high NRR 32 rating to provide superior protection against harmful noises, but each purchase directly contributes to the prevention and protection against breast cancer.

Plush Comfort
Made from soft, hypo-allergenic polyurethane foam, E2 Pink Disposable Earplugs feature a flexible, tapered shape that fits the contours of the ear canal for a custom and comfortable fit the whole day long.

Detectable Color
The plugs' bright pink color makes them easily visible during compliance checks and helps to minimize loss while also showcasing your support for a worthwhile cause.