Earplugs & EarMuffs
Hearing Protection

Unmatched Performance and Value
Keeping you safe and sound in the most demanding work environments, the Magid® E2® Series offers premium hearing protection on demand, utilizing advanced technology to deliver styles with high Noise Reduction Ratings (NRR) as measured by the ANSI S3.19-1974 standard. Named for its economical price, the E2 line also generates substantial cost savings with an array of value-priced products and dispensers that offer the ultimate in convenience and flexibility.

Multiple Styles, Convenient Solutions
An entire family of Magid® E2® hearing protection is available to meet the requirements of a diverse set of applications and work environments. Choose from reusable, disposable and metal detectable earplugs as well as banded hearing protectors and foam cup ear muffs. Available in corded and uncorded styles, E2 earplugs feature bright orange, blue, red and pink colors, enhancing visibility during compliance checks. Select styles also include a carrying case with key chain to easily store and transport earplugs.

Secure Fit, Ultimate Comfort
All Magid® E2® products are quality crafted using nonirritating, non-toxic materials for maximum comfort and wear. E2 ear muffs are made from soft, hypo-allergenic polyurethane foam interiors as are the E2 disposable earplug styles, which feature a flexible, tapered shape that expands to fit the contours of the ear canal. E2 reusable earplugs feature a triple flange construction to assure a multi-surface seal while its PVC stem allows for easy insertion and removal. Corded styles and hearing bands keep plugs and earmuffs in place and prevent loss when not in use.

Magid® E2® Disposable Earplugs


Orange uncorded foam earplugs, NRR 32, 200 PR/DP 10DP


Red corded orange foam earplugs, NRR 32, 200 PR/DP 10DP


Pink uncorded foam earplugs, NRR 32, 200 PR/DP 10DP

IHP32 bulk refill bag, resealable, 500 PR/BG

IHP32DP Wall mount refillable earplug dispenser, holds one bag of style IHP32RF (500 pairs), which is sold separately 6EA
Magid® E2® DisposableMetal Detectable Earplugs


Blue corded metal detectable foam earplugs, NRR 32, 200 PR/DP

Magid® E2® Disposable Banded Hearing Protector  
IHB25 Banded earplugs, black band, orange plugs, NRR 25, 30 PR/BX 300PR
Magid® E2® Reusable Earplugs  
IHP27  Uncorded red PVC earplugs, NRR 26, 100 PR/DP 10DP


Red corded PVC earplugs, NRR 26, 100 PR/DP 10DP
IHP27WC Red PVC earplugs with detachable white nylon cord, NRR 26, 100 PR/DP 10DP

Red corded PVC earplugs in white plastic case with chain, NRR 26, 50 PR/DP

Magid® E2® EarMuffs  
IHM20F Black headband and royal blue foam ear muffs, NRR 21 36PR

  • Complete line of hearing protection available to meet a variety of work requirements
  • Industry-leading performance offered direct at industry-low prices
  • Corded and banded styles keep protection close at hand while minimizing loss
  • Soft, lightweight constructions deliver all-day comfort and wear
  • High noise reduction ratings (NRR) as measured by the ANSI S3.19-1974 standard ensure harmful noise Is blocked, keeping workers safe from hearing damage while on the job
  • Bright colors are easily seen during compliance checks
  • Available individually packaged or in bulk packs for easy and flexible dispensing
Selecting proper hearing protection
As per OSHA regulations, employees must be provided with hearing protectors if they are exposed to workplace noise that equals or exceeds 85 dBA, averaged over an eight-hour period. When choosing between Magid earplugs and ear muffs, focus on the three Cs: comfort, convenience, and compatibility. Employees are less likely to wear hearing protectors that are uncomfortable or difficult to use or that interfere with their work. They should be able to choose, with the help of a person trained in fitting hearing protectors, the type and size of earplug or ear muff that delivers the best fit and protection given their specific environment and job duties.

Magid E2 earplugs and ear muffs are labeled with a noise reduction rating (NRR) in decibels measured under laboratory conditions following the ANSI S3.19-1974 standard. OSHA's experience and the published scientific literature have shown that laboratory-obtained real ear attenuation for hearing protection devices can seldom be achieved in the workplace. To adjust for workplace conditions, OSHA strongly recommends applying a 50% correction factor when estimating field attenuation. This is especially important when considering whether engineering controls are to be implemented. Use the following method to estimate the attenuation afforded to a noise-exposed employee in a work environment by muffs, plugs, or a combination of both.

For single protection, subtract the hearing protection device's NRR from the C-weighted or A-weighted TWA workplace noise level, as follows:
Estimated Exposure (dBA) = TWA (dBC) - [NRR x 50%], or
Estimated Exposure (dBA) = TWA (dBA) - [(NRR - 7) x 50%]

Noise Level: 95 dBA
IHP32 NRR: 32 dB
IHP32 Adjusted NRR: (32 - 7) x 50% = 12.5 dB
Estimated Effectiveness: 95 - 12.5 = 82.5 dBA

For dual protection (ear muffs and plugs are used simultaneously), determine the NRR for the higher rated protector (NRRh), subtract 7 dB from NRRh if using A-weighted sound level data, and add 5 dB to the field-adjusted NRR to account for the use of the second hearing protector:
Estimated Exposure (dBA) = TWA (dBC) - [(NRRh x 50%) + 5] , or
Estimated Exposure (dBA) = TWA (dBA) - {[(NRRh - 7) x 50%] + 5}

Please Note: The Magid® E2® hearing protection products featured in this flyer must be used in accordance with OSHA regulations, and the user instructions, warnings and limitations accompanying each product.