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Article # 10110

Ergonomic Solutions Shine at the Winery

Biotechnology--the science from which ergonomics is derived--explores the application of biological and engineering data to problems relating to man and the machine.That's why when most of us think of workers who need ergonomic products, we automatically think of assembly line workers involving repetitive wrist motions or office workers handling data entry.But at the Winery, the needs for ergonomic equipment include a rather unexpected place--the facility's guest inn. "We have a bed and breakfast inn on our grounds," says David Band, safety director, "and there are many brass fixtures and railings throughout the building. Our housekeeping staff spends many hours shining the brass to perfection. The repetitive motion of the brass polishing can cause a strain on their wrists. So many of them find that Magid's wrist supports help to keep their wrists in a neutral position while performing this job."

Band notes that cumulative trauma disorders (injuries that occur over a period of time because of repetitive trauma) are not a problem for all workers who do the same jobs. "Some people seem to be more susceptible to problems from repetitive motions than others. That's why we make the products available to all our workers, but we don't force them to wear them. Those who need the limited motion products have been very pleased with the results. We've seen a substantial decrease in our injuries as a result of the ergonomic products we get from Magid," he says.