How to Buy Fall Protection

Falls from heights of 6 feet or more are a common source of injuries and workers’ compensation claims. Selecting and using the proper protection equipment is the best way to prevent and minimize the effects of these falls and injuries. The full range of advanced fall protection systems offered by Magid® include the latest technology and construction to ensure your workers are safe and compliant, without sacrificing comfort.


Types of Fall Protection


Fall Protection Harnesses

Anchors the wearer to a fall protection system via D-rings at the back and/or sides. In case of a fall, harnesses secure the wearer and distribute weight among the shoulders, torso and hips.

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Confined Space and Rescue

Uses tripods and other hoist systems designed to raise and lower workers in and out of confined spaces such as manholes.

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Shock-Absorbing Lanyards

Connects the harness to an anchor point, limiting potential falls to the length of the lanyard. Shock-absorbers prevent injury by reducing the force of impact at the end of a fall.

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Anchorage Connectors

Connects the wearer to fixed structures such as I-beams and rails.

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Self-Retracting Lanyards

Uses a galvanized wire or nylon web lanyard that retracts from a spool, offering improved freedom of movement. A rapid descent will trigger the retraction mechanism to lock, stopping falls quickly.

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Suspension Trauma Devices

Alleviates the effects of orthostatic intolerance, also known as suspension trauma.



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