How to Buy Flame Resistant Clothing

Exposure to arc flash, flash fire and molten metal splash are among the most dangerous hazards industrial workers can face. Magid® offers a complete line of protective clothing made from innovative, comfortable flame resistant (FR) materials that workers want to wear. Magid is the single source solution for all your protective clothing needs.


Clothing Protection Categories

Category Description FR
Flash Fire
Molten Metal
Basic FR Manufactured from 100% cotton FR material, designed for basic FR protection in applications such as welding & grinding.

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AR/FR Arc rated, NFPA 70E compliant products (including our A.R.C. line) designed for protection against electrical arc flash.

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2112 Products fully certified by UL to NFPA 2112 standard requirements for industrial flash fire protection.

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Aluminized Products manufactured from materials with an outer aluminized layer designed for protection from radiant heat and molten metal splash.

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Magid offers a full line of protective clothing including Sparkguard®, WeldPro® A.R.C.™,
A.R.C. Ultralite™, AR Defense, Magid AR/FR™ and Magid 2112.

Definition of Standards

Why is flame resistant apparel important?

Everyday apparel can ignite and burn if exposed to an ignition source such as a flame or electric arc flash. FR protective apparel is designed to resist ignition and, in the event it does ignite, self-extinguish immediately upon removing the thermal source.

Standards and Specifications Relating to Electrical Arc Flash Clothing

The NFPA 70E standard for electrical safety in the workplace requires employees to wear arc rated clothing that meet the requirements of ASTM F1506 in any situation where there is the risk of an electric arc flash with an incident energy exposure greater than 1.2 cal\cm2. The type of PPE required varies depending on the potential incident energy exposure.

ASTM F1506 is the specification developed to provide minimum testing and performance requirements for materials and apparel used by electrical workers exposed to momentary electric arc and related thermal hazards. The specification also includes specific requirements for re-testing, garment design, labeling, thread and closures.

Standards and Specifications Relating to Industrial Flash Fire

NFPA 2112 is the standard for flame resistant garments to protect industrial personnel against flash fire. This standard outlines the minimum testing and performance requirements for materials and apparel in situations where there is potential for exposure to flash fire.

This standard requires third-party certification of the fabric, garment design/components and manufacturing facility. Any garments labeled as NFPA 2112 compliant must be certified as meeting all requirements outlined in the standard.


Prepackaged ARC Kits

For your convenience, Magid® offers pre-packaged A.R.C. Flash Kits or the option to create customized kits. Pre-packaged A.R.C. Flash Kits include:

Heavy Duty Coveralls
Magid A.R.C.™ flame-resistant heavy duty coveralls (sizes: S-6XL, colors: navy or green)

Hard Hat with Face Shield
MSA V-Gard® white slotted hard hat with face shield, chin guard and ratchet suspension

Safety Glasses
Magid Gemstone® Myst Flex safety spectacles, grey temples, clear anti-fog lens

E-A-R® ARC Plug™ dual-ended dielectric reusable earplug, NRR 22

Electrical Lineman’s Gloves
Class 0 and Class 00 low-voltage rubber lineman’s gloves in 11" and 14" length (sizes: 7-12, colors: black or red)

Leather Protector Gloves
Magid PowerMaster® 9-1/2" driver’s style, pearl grey leather protector gloves with pull straps (sizes 7-12). Worn over rubber gloves.

Canvas Glove Bag
Natural color canvas storage bag for rubber insulating gloves

Equipment Bag
Deluxe black equipment bag with grey trim and A.R.C. logo, 7 oz., 12" x 12" x 24"

Category 2 FR Balaclava
Balaclava for NFPA 70E 2012 compliance

Please provide the following selections to your Magid customer service agent or sales representative to assist in the selection of the A.R.C. Flash Kit that will fit your needs:
Gloves Size: ____________
(7-12; half sizes available from 8-12)
Linesman’s Gloves:
Class 0
Class 00
Unless specified otherwise, the kit will include whichever color electrical gloves are available to expedite delivery.