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Article # 9100

Floor Matting Helps Relieve Fatigue

The hens on duty at a company that liquefies and pasteurizes eggs for the food service and food processing industry, may think they have tough work...but at least they get to sit down on the job! The food service production workers, on the other hand, are on their feet most of the day - usually standing in one place.

Luckily for them, their employer is concerned enough about their comfort and well being to have installed antifatigue floor matting throughout the facility. "We want to make sure our workers are as comfortable as possible," explains Casey Baker, purchasing agent for the large food service company. "Our commitment goes beyond regulations, requirements or standards." Baker worked with his Magid rep to find a matting that would not only be comfortable for workers but would stand up to constant washings with harsh cleaning chemicals used by this food processor.

"Our Magid rep recommended one of the Wearwell mats," says Baker. "We tested it in our microfresh department where they make ready-to-cook omelets for foodservice customers. Production workers in that department are on their feet eight hours a day. Our microfresh employees liked the mat so much that we're now using it on the breaking department where employees oversee the whole egg transfer area."

Lisa Donnell, spokesperson for a manufacturer of Wearwell and PowerBuy anti-fatigue matting, notes, "Our mats are designed to withstand frequent washings, as mandated in foodservice and food preparation industries. The one-year life of these mats can be extended with proper care and maintenance, which includes cleaning the mats by hosing them down, using a pressure washer or regular hose with mild soap."

Continuous Improvement = On-Going Safety Enhancements
At a corporation who makes windows and patio doors, anti-fatigue floor matting is used in many of the production areas. "We have a continuous improvement philosophy regarding safety, "says Chuck Lanera, corporate safety and health services manager for this manufacturer of wood windows and patio doors. "As a result, safety is a very pro-active function, and this is one area we saw as important for the comfort of production workers. The matting really makes a difference in back and leg comfort. But it also sends a message to our workers that their safety and health are important. It's made a big difference in employee morale. Employees see this as a perq."

At this 68-square-acre facility there are millions of square feet of production area. That means a lot of matting! The corporation of windows and doors stores it in rolls in the stockroom and then cuts it to order as engineers request it for their productions areas. "When we decided to install the matting throughout the facility, we spent a good deal of time researching the different types of matting to find one that would work best for us, "notes Lanera. "We worked with our Magid rep to find a good quality mat that was non-porous - because of all the wood chips in the facility. We decided on a high quality Wearwell matting. We're very happy with it."

From a maintenance perspective, Wearwell matting is easy to deal with. Notes Donnell of the matting company "for dry-area matting, sweeping or dusting during regular cleaning is all the maintenance that is required. If a substance should spill onto the mat that requires deeper cleaning, mop or wipe with a simple cleaning solution such as soap and water."

The window and patio door corporation is so pleased with the matting that they are installing the same mats in a new facility they are building. "We're not waiting for employees to ask for it," says Lanera. "We know the matting works. It will be there from day one."