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Article # 3302

Got Slips?
Courtesy of: Shoes For Crews®

"The benefitsare obvious!"
John T. Klotz
Vice President
Marsh, USA

Got slips? If so, Shoes For Crews® will prevent your slips & falls or we'll reimburse your company up to$3000 per accident!

The fact is, Shoes for Crews (SFC) is the world's leading provider of slip-resistant footwear to the food service and industrial market, and has been for over fifteen years. It's multi-million dollar client list includes many of the world's most progressive companies including Nabisco, Anheuser-Busch Breweries, Frito-Lay, Oscar Mayer Foods, Pepsico Bottling, Stolt Parcel Tankers, KFC Corp, Kraft Foods, ARCO Marine, Taco Bell Corp, CPC Bakeries, Tyson Chicken, Friendly's Ice Cream, etc ... Workers wearing Shoes For Crews rarely, if ever, slip & fall! In fact, our shoes grip slippery floors so amazingly well that we offer an exclusive $3000 Slip and Fall Accident Warranty.

The Warranty States:
"If any employee has a slip & fall accident while wearing Shoes For Crews, we will reimburse your company up to $3000 for each Worker's Compensation Claim paid. "Specific conditions apply to qualify for this exclusive warranty. See your Magid representative for details.