Cold Weather Protective Clothing

Don’t let cold weather slow you down. Magid Glove & Safety has the cold weather clothing you need to get the job done effectively while staying warm and comfortable. Our wide selection of winter work clothes are durable and heavy enough for even the most extreme conditions, yet designed to allow workers to move and work easily, improving performance while increasing safety. From knit face masks and winter hat liners, to quilt-lined coats and overalls, choose Magid as your source for cold weather gear that fits your needs while staying within budget.

Highlights of OSHA’s Recommendations for Prevention of Cold Stress
  • Wearing inadequate or wet clothing can increase the effect of cold on the body.
  • Having a cold or certain diseases such as diabetes, heart, vascular, and thyroid problems may make a person more susceptible to the winter elements.
  • Initial symptoms of frostbite, which occurs when skin actually freezes hard, include white coloration, tingling, stinging, and aching, followed by numbness. Immediate treatment is required if frostbite is suspected.
  • Special attention should be given to extremities such as the feet, ears, and fingers.
  • Protective clothing works best when layered, for instance with a wind-breaking outer layer, an insulating wool or Gore-Tex® middle layer, and a ventilating cotton or synthetic woven inner layer.