Facilities Maintenance

An effective safety program is about more than just personal protective equipment. Many problems can be solved by simply making adjustments at the facility level. To that end, Magid carries thousands of styles from the top manufacturers of facilities maintenance products. From lockout/tagout systems to gas detection equipment, Magid can help you implement a safety program that helps reduce exposure to hazards without breaking your budget.

Types of Facilities Maintenance Products

  Batteries Pelican SabreLite 2000 Flashlight Flashlights
  Lockout/Tagout   Signs, Tapes, and Markers
  Gas Detection   Mirrors
  Anti-Fatigue Matting   Guard Rail Systems
  Safety Knives  Kresto® Kwik-Wipes® Bucket Wipers and Rags
Safety Cabinets and Containers    

Important Questions to Ask When Designing a Facility Safety Program

  • Is equipment controlling hazardous energies - electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, etc. - properly marked and locked so as to prevent unwanted and potentially hazardous release?
  • Are you aware of the gases and vapors that could potentially present a hazard at your work site, and do you know the Permissible Exposure Limits (PELs) for each?
  • Are there ledges at your facility, up to and over the 4’ trigger for use of fall protection, where use of a guard rail system might prevent accidental falls?
  • Have you tested out some of the new safety knives that have come out in recent years, with features such as automatically-retracting blades, blunt tips, and improved ergonomic designs?
  • Are you aware of the regulations governing storage of hazardous materials used at your facility, and are those materials being stored and marked correctly?