General Workwear

Magid Glove & Safety has the appropriate general purpose workwear for a variety of applications, including maintenance, construction, manufacturing, food processing and more. At Magid, we understand that no job is too small for quality protection and comfort. Magid offers superior safety features that allow workers to get the job done while staying safe from cuts, abrasions and spills. Magid’s wide selection of general workwear comes in a variety of materials, sizes, styles and weights, so that you can find the right protective gear for a safer work environment.

Types of General Workwear

Woven Aprons: Typically made from canvas or denim, woven aprons protect the wearer’s clothing from job-related mishaps such as minor splashes, sparks, cuts, and abrasions.
Plastic and Rubber Aprons: Offer total liquid resistance, as well as protection from many industrial chemicals.  
Protective Sleeves: Protect the wearer’s arms from minor cuts, abrasions, and liquid splash. Economical bulk tubing is available in up to 25 lb. rolls.
Ring and Belt Covers: When product protection is paramount, ring and belt covers go on quickly and easily and prevent these items from causing accidental damage or contamination.
Cooling Bandanas: These bandanas absorb cold water and stay hydrated for up to several days, keeping the wearer’s head cool while on the job.


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