Mechanic Gloves

Mechanic gloves are more than just work gloves, combining state-of-the-art materials and features with precise tailoring to create a glove that is truly a joy to wear. Featured everywhere from stock-car pit crews to your Dad’s garage, mechanic gloves have a devoted following, due in no small part to their high-octane appearance. Don’t let their good looks fool you, though, because mechanic gloves can match the protection of some of the best industrial work gloves.

Popular Features of Mechanic Gloves:

  • Hook and Loop Wrist Closure: Seals the glove at the wrist, holding it in place and preserving the snug fit that Mechanic gloves are known for.
  • Synthetic Leather Palm: Offers the toughness and durability of leather, but with added flexibility, allowing the wearer to perform tasks requiring added dexterity.
  • Coated Palm: Coatings such as nitrile, polyurethane, and silicone provide a strong grip that cuts through oils and liquids, performing well even as things get grimy.
  • Spandex Back: The key to mechanic gloves’ comfortable fit, spandex molds the glove to the contours of the wearer’s hand, providing a close fit without being constricting and allowing the hand to breathe.
  • Fingerless and Two-Finger Constructions: Protect the palm while allowing the wearer to easily grip tools, handle small parts and operate machinery.
  • Back-of-the-Hand Finger and Knuckle Guards: Extend protection to the back of the fingers and the knuckles; perfect for jobs such as machine work or material handling where both sides of the hand are at risk of abrasion.

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