Work Glove Selection Guide

According to the US Department of Labor, injuries to hands and fingers rank highest in workplace accidents (27%), costing anywhere from $540 -$26,000 per incident. Injuries to hands and fingers also rank the highest among preventable injuries with 70.9% that could have been prevented by use of the proper hand protection. Magid’s focus on safety allows us to bring lifetimes worth of experience to bear in providing quality, cost-effective solutions for the most difficult jobs.

Glove Selection Tips and Suggestions

Picking the right glove can be the most important safety decision your company makes. Protection is certainly the most important factor to consider, but it’s not the only one. Here is a list of things to think about as you evaluate your hand protection program:

  • Hand Protection: Factors such as thickness, material, coating, and length all go into the overall protection of a glove. Testing out a variety of different configurations can often help you achieve better protection at a lower cost.  
  • Product Protection: Gloves are often needed to protect delicate products such as electronics from oils and other contaminants on the wearer’s hands. Lisle, disposable, and machine knit gloves work great in these applications.  
  • Dexterity: Do your employees have difficulty handling small parts, operating electronics, or worse, have to take their gloves off to perform certain tasks? If so, switching to a glove made of a more flexible material or coating might enhance workers’ productivity and compliance.  
  • Usage: Using a glove that costs more per pair can save money in the long run if it increases the service life of the glove. Whether a glove is launderable, and how it holds up to repeated wash cycles is also important in determining usage rates.  
  •  Cost: As a manufacturer selling direct, Magid is uniquely positioned to be your single-source, low-cost supplier of the highest quality hand protection products.
Glove Sizing

To determine your glove size, simply wrap a tape measure around your dominant hand just below the knuckles, not including the thumb. The measurement in inches is your numerical glove size. For gloves sized by letter, the following chart details which numerical sizes best correspond to each letter size:

Size # Size
6 XS
7 S
8 M
9 L
10 XL
11 XXL

Work Glove Categories

Cut Resistant:
For use where workers’ hands are in danger of being cut by equipment, products, or other hazards. New technologies and materials have revolutionized the cut resistant glove market over the last few years.
  Typically feature a rubber or synthetic coating over a knit or woven shell. The most popular gloves on the market, coated gloves provide the best combination of protection, grip, and dexterity available.
Woven materials cut and sewn into form-fitting patterns. Great for general-purpose tasks such as material handling and janitorial work, textile gloves are an economical solution for a variety of hand protection needs.
  Machine Knit:
Offering a great fit due to their seamless construction, knit gloves work well for both general purpose hand protection and product protection applications.
Leather gloves feature excellent protection and a long service life due to the thickness and durability of the material. The toughness of leather gives it great resistance to abrasions and punctures with an excellent dry grip.
  Heat & Welding:
From leather welder’s gloves to thick, woven Aramid high-heat gloves, Magid’s wide selection of heat & welding gloves allows us to offer you the best combination of protection and dexterity for your application.
Featuring great fit and a wide variety of protection-enhancing features, mechanic’s gloves allow you to work in style due to their race car-inspired good looks.
Offering high dexterity and great product protection due to their lack of lint, disposables also provide resistance to many liquids and chemicals.
  Liquid & Chemical:
Magid sells a wide variety of chemical-resistant materials and glove constructions, allowing you to stay safe around the most caustic chemicals.
Made from the highest-quality natural rubber, electrical gloves are available to provide protection up to and over 50,000 volts. Magid has stock available in multiple classes, lengths, and color combinations.
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