How to Buy Machine Knit Gloves

Machine knit gloves are engineered to seamlessly fit the contours of the hand. Their form-fitting comfort makes them a great, low-cost choice for a wide variety of general purpose applications. From light-duty lisle and cleanroom gloves to heavy-duty terrycloth, Magid® has a machine knit glove for every application and environment.


Glove Materials



Soft, natural fiber used for its absorbency and comfort

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Flexible, quick-drying synthetic fiber with low lint and absorbency

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A sturdy, low-linting synthetic fiber, resistant to stretching and shrinkage

Fiber Blends

Combines the comfort of natural fibers and the durability of synthetics

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Glove Color

Glove Cuff Types

Darker colors tend to hide dirt and grime, contributing to extended worker wear time:

Light Color/
Normal Usage

Dark Color/
Increased Usage

Seamless Knit Wrist

Sewn-On Knit Wrist


Knit Gauge


Lower Gauge

• Looser knit
• Lower density
• As low as 7 gauge
• Typically a heavier weight:

> Thicker construction
> Less dexterity
> Improved heat resistance

Higher Gauge

• Tighter knit
• Higher density
• As high as 18 gauge
• Typically a lighter weight

> Thinner construction
> More dexterity
> Improved comfort