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Article # 3200

Magid's Greens Save You Some "Green"

With the amount of protective clothing required for workers in manufacturing and industry, cost savings are a big factor. Magid's new industry-leading low pricing for their "greens" - green colored, fire resistant fabric protective clothing articles - help save some "green" while protecting employees. Magid combines high quality with low price, placing these garments under stringent tests at an independent US testing facility. Garments are tested using the Federal Test Method Standard (FTMS) 191A, Method 5903.1, a widely accepted, standard vertical flammability test that measures char length, after-flame and after-glow times. The Magid value-priced "greens" measure up, maintaining their original flame resistance, even after as many as 50 washings.

"We use greens throughout our entire facility," notes Fritz Palmer, stores & environmental coordinator for a manufacturer of automotive components. "Workers wear them in the press shop to protect themselves and their clothing. Our grinders wear them to keep the shavings off their clothing."

Sam Mitchell, materials manager for a manufacturer of pipes for oil, gas and energy companies, also uses "greens" throughout his facility. "We use them to protect the grinders and welders from sparks. We call the jackets ‘burning jackets' because they are difficult to burn. When a spark gets on the jacket, it makes a little hole. When they're full of these tiny holes, then we know it's time to throw them away!"

Magid's new pricing for "greens" offers quality and value for companies who require the jackets in large quantities. "We stock ‘greens' in three different sizes at our facility," adds Palmer of the automotive components manufacturer. "I usually order about four cases a month. And in the winter months we can order up to twice that amount, when our workers wear "greens" for added protection from the elements in addition to flame retardency. Getting a price break on these really helps our bottom line." Thanks to Magid's new lower priced "greens," the manufacturer of automotive components can bank on nearly $4000 in savings annually.