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Magid to the Rescue with S.O.S.
When ships at sea need help, they send out the S.O.S. signal, meaning "Save Our Ship." And when many Magid customers are looking for help in reducing their personal protective equipment inventories, simplifying administrative activities, enhancing conveniences and maintaining competitive pricing, they employ another S.O.S. - "Safety on Site" from Magid.

Through the S.O.S. program, Magid establishes stocks and manages a storeroom at a customer's facility. All personal protection products, including gloves, general safety equipment, prescription eyewear and safety shoes are immediately available for employees' convenience. The customer is billed on a monthly basis for the inventory used.

S.O.S. Benefit: No inventory carrying costs
J. T. Brown, manager of purchasing for the manufacturer of steel products for the automotive and space industries, says that his company has been using the S.O.S. service for over 8 years. "We're very happy with the program," he says. "We don't have to invest or stock up on items and maintain a large inventory. The supplies in the stockroom belong to Magid until we purchase them. That means we don't have to worry about obsolescence. We always have the most advanced equipment on hand. It is readily accessible in case of emergencies or for every day needs. It also means we don't have the worries of carrying large inventories for seasonal items that we might only need for a few days."

"We have thirteen plants in seven states," Brown explains, and he has also found the program helpful for his other manufacturing facilities. Brown notes that he uses the S.O.S. store to carry both company-paid items (gloves, greens) as well as those that employees pay for (flannel shirts, heavy socks).

A large manufacturer of construction equipment also recognizes the cost-containment benefits of Magid's S.O.S. program. Steve Knoll, safety and training manager for the construction equipment notes, "We are able to stock vital personal protective equipment without bearing the inventory costs. Our employees have full access to metatarsal footwear, prescription eyewear and hearing protection that has contributed to more employees complying with our safety program throughout the shop. As a result, we're not only containing our costs more effectively, but we're realizing continually decreasing injury rates every year since 1996. Magid's S.O.S. program is a significant contributor to that track record because the supplies are readily available and convenient."

S.O.S. Benefit: Convenience
S.O.S. provides significant convenience benefits for employers and employees. "Magid hires and manages the people to work in the stockroom," says Brown. "We get one bill at the end of the month that lists both labor and purchases. Our employees can take their purchase requisitions down to the store and purchase safety equipment, as they need it. Two Magid employees manage the store, help fit people and take orders. They even have displays to show new products."

He adds that the biggest convenience is having someone who is familiar with the products on-site every day. "The storeroom employees are familiar with our employees and practices," he adds. "They know our people and facilities. It's like having a Magid rep here five days a week."
The program has also helped in his cross-training efforts. "We may have 50 workers trained to do a certain job, with 30 doing it at any particular time," Brown says. "So one worker might be doing welding, pipe fitting and millwork. We have extensive needs for equipment to outfit everyone for all their different jobs. It's very convenient to have S.O.S."

Another advantage that Brown has found through S.O.S. is that he's able to have safety equipment on hand for outside contractors. "During a week of shutdown, we bring in contractors to do work on the facility," he says. "We have all the safety equipment that they need right here."

Mark Stine, purchasing manager for the world's largest manufacturer of ladders, has taken the opportunity to make the S.O.S. program even more convenient. "We've contracted with a mill supply house to maintain a stock of non-safety items too," he explains. "So we don't have to maintain an inventory of repetitive items such as drill bits or tape measures. It's great to have both safety and non-safety items available. Magid manages both inventories and handles dispensing as well."

S.O.S. Benefit: Administrative ease
Stine notes that the ladder manufacturer has had S.O.S. for approximately two years. "It was a decision made between the Purchasing and Environmental Health & Safety departments," he explains. "The program meets both our needs."

For Stine, one of those needs is administrative. A major benefit of the S.O.S. program, he claims, has been the elimination of many administrative activities. "The program has been a great administrative help," he says. "We don't have to process purchase orders for supplies. It's also helped our Receiving group because now we receive just one shipment per month, and it has allowed us to consolidate billing for our Accounts Payable area." Stine estimates that the program has enabled him to avoid processing approximately 175 orders per year. "That's a lot of paperwork to get rid of," he says. "It frees us up and allows us to focus on value-added activities instead. "With the average cost of processing a purchase order ranging from $50-100 each, this type of administrative benefit can be translated into cost savings. In the example illustrated by Stine, with approximately 175 less orders being processed per year, the annual savings would be between $8,750-17,500.

S.O.S. Benefit: Competitive pricing
"Our role in purchasing is to get the best price while ensuring products arrive when they are needed," says Brown from the steel manufacturer. "The S.O.S. program helps us meet that goal. We have pre-negotiated prices from Magid for these items. Other locations of the company can use the pricing as well."

Stine notes that Magid's pricing helped the ladder manufacturer make the decision to move to the S.O.S. program. "Until we went with S.O.S., we had two safety suppliers," he says. "We consolidated to one, got better pricing and a much more cost-effective and efficient system with Magid."

S.O.S. Benefit: Better access to safety solutions
All S.O.S. program participants agree that the program affords their employees with improved access to the types of safety products they need in order to maintain a safe and productive work environment.

The construction equipment safety and training manager Knoll adds, "We recently implemented a new metatarsal footwear program in our S.O.S. storeroom. Magid worked tirelessly with the supplier and our employees to outfit over 500 of our workers with the appropriate footwear solution. This is a terrific example of how Magid uses their S.O.S. program as a conduit for feedback and comes to us proactively with innovative safety solutions."

So, next time you're at a loss for how to provide the best safety equipment in the most convenience and cost-effective manner, send up an "S.O.S" to your Magid representative and put an end to the distress of managing and carrying a comprehensive safety supply.