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Maintaining Safety Standards Despite Downsizing

Layoffs are an unfortunate reality in every industry across the country, with the economic slow-down in recent months triggering a rise in the nation's unemployment rate. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the unemployment rate climbed from 3.9 in September 2000 to 4.0 in November, reaching 4.2 in February 2001.The BLS predicts that those numbers will move higher in the coming months, given the state of the economy.

As companies adjust to the slow economy and the need to downsize, they are forced to find ways to maintain their quality standards with fewer employees. This is where Magid can help ensure that safety standards are maintained and safety programs stay intact. Magid offers a full range of services to help manage safety needs efficiently and cost-effectively. Here's a look at some of the ways Magid can help:

• Training Contact your Magid rep for a variety of training needs. Magid can arrange seminars on the proper use
of equipment as well as safe practices in the workplace. Whether you want to inform workers about the
importance of hearing protection and the proper use of earplugs or to offer new employees a seminar on fall
protection, Magid can put together a program to accommodate your training needs.

• Z.I.I.P. Magid's Zero Investment Inventory Program (Z.I.I.P.) reduces the overall costs of sourcing and
maintaining Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) inventory while ensuring that necessary safety items are on
hand when you need them. Magid manages inventory levels onsite at no charge. Z.I.I.P. provides cost savings
by eliminating investment in inventory, sourcing costs and order processing.

• S.O.S. With the Safety on Site (S.O.S.) program Magid will establish, manage and staff an onsite safety store
for the distribution of PPE. Magid maintains the inventory onsite and only charges when items are dispensed.
S.O.S. is customized to meet your specific needs and allows you to control the format, program costs and
products offered.

• Magid Reps Magid's representatives are dedicated to meeting the requirements for safety equipment and
clothing, as well as other safety-related needs. They are always ready to help and are happy to assist with a
special request or to provide technical assistance with specific products. Magid's reps can conduct safety
evaluations, make recommendations and provide samples for testing by workers onsite before any purchases
are made. Many of Magid's reps assist their customers by serving on safety committees and attending onsite
meetings to better understand and address their customers' safety needs. They also work with customers to
put together safety fairs and other informational programs.

In addition, Magid can provide assistance with inventory, order processing, safety evaluations and implementation of programs to ensure that you maintain your high safety standards - even in times of low employee census.