Neoprene Gloves

Magid® Comfort Flex® 738
Flock-Lined Two Tone Neoprene/Latex Gloves
Ansell® Neox® 9924 Black Neoprene Coated Gauntlet Style Gloves Magid® MultiMaster®
712 Flock-Lined Black Neoprene Gloves
As low as $15.00 /DZ
As low as $86.88 /DZ
As low as $18.48 /DZ
Magid® MultiMaster® 9922XRH31/ 9922XLH31
Right or Left Hand Only Neoprene Coated Sandblaster's Gloves
Magid® MultiMaster® NB2384 Black Neoprene Coated Liquid Proof Glove Magid® MultiMaster®
NB72 12" Green Neoprene Coated Glove
As low as $11.52 /EA
As low as $68.76 /DZ
As low as $49.20 /DZ
Magid® MultiMaster®
NB90 12" Flexible Weight Neoprene Coated Glove
with Fine Sand Finish
Ansell® Chemi-Pro® 224 Blue Unsupported Neoprene / Latex Gloves Ansell® Neoprene™
29-865 Black Unsupported Gloves
As low as $48.24 /DZ
As low as $13.56 /DZ
As low as $45.24 /DZ
Ansell® Neox® 9-022 Black Neoprene Coated Hi-Lo Temperature Style Gloves Ansell® Omni® 638 Unsupported Green Rubber Gloves Ansell® Scorpio®
8-354 Green Neoprene Coated Gloves
As low as $208.56 /DZ
As low as $14.04 /DZ
As low as $61.68/DZ
To see our full selection of chemical & liquid resistant neoprene gloves click here:
Chemical & Liquid Resistant Gloves.

Strong, Durable and Protective Neoprene Gloves
For those who are constantly exposed to harsh substances and extreme conditions every day on the job, Magid Glove & Safety has the protective gloves needed for safety and comfort. Our neoprene gloves keep hands safe from splashes and spills involving acids, solvents, oils and greases, while providing the dexterity and comfort necessary for superior performance. Thick neoprene gloves are strong and durable enough to withstand cuts, snags and punctures, protecting hands during even the toughest tasks.
Features, styles and options for Magid neoprene gloves include:
·         Flexible weights for improved performance
·         High cut and abrasion resistance
·         Variety of colors include black, blue, purple and green
·         Compliance with FDA regulations regarding food contact
·         100% cotton flock lining for increased comfort
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