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ROMEOVILLE, IL, July 2020 — We’re proud to announce that the readers of Industrial Safety & Hygiene News (ISHN) have awarded Magid the 2020 ISHN Reader’s Choice Awards for two new innovations in the Protective Clothing and Impact Resistant Hand Protection categories. These two wins bring Magid to 14 Reader’s Choice Awards in total over the last seven years.

We’re delighted that so many of ISHN’s readers value our products and the protection they provide to keep workers safe. Magid’s commitment to innovation continues to drive our ability to provide the newest technologies and materials to improve industrial safety year after year. – Sarah Anderson, Director of Product Management

Hand Protection – Impact Resistant –

Magid® T-REX® Flex Series ® Lean TRX443 Ultra-Lightweight Foam Nitrile Palm Coated Low-Profile Impact Glove – Cut Level A4

Experience the most comfortable impact glove ever with Magid’s newest innovation in light impact protection that’s unbelievably soft, cool, and comfortable, with incredible dexterity and A4 cut resistance! Our Flex Series® Lean TRX443 Impact Gloves feature low-profile TPR that is 60% thinner on a super soft lightweight shell, giving workers the impact protection they need with the comfort they never thought possible.

Protective Clothing –

Magid® M-GARD® AeroDex® ADS22BST Ultra-Cool, Extremely Lightweight Sleeve – Cut Level A6

Unbelievably lightweight AeroDex protection now in a Cut A6 sleeve! Magid’s M-GARD ADS22BST sleeves feature AeroDex, a first-to-market shell technology that is over 50% lighter, with the same cut protection as comparable sleeve materials. AeroDex is specially engineered to feel cooler, making it a more comfortable solution that workers will actually want to wear.

See the full announcement from ISHN here.


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Beth Sutherland, Senior Copywriter