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CHICAGO, IL, January 30, 2018 — Magid, a leading manufacturer and supplier of safety solutions and personal protective equipment (PPE), introduces the Magid® M-GARD™ DX™ Technology DXS 13-Gauge Sleeve. Comfort is the biggest factor in getting workers to wear their sleeves. And since inner arms are particularly sensitive, a sleeve that irritates spells disaster for compliance and safety. Magid’s® DXS Sleeves are made with specially engineered yarn to make them light, strong and cool to the touch without the fiberglass or steel core that can irritate workers’ skin.

  • The lightest Cut A4 sleeve on the market!
  • New coreless DX™ Technology uses non-irritating strength-enhancing micro particles to achieve higher levels of cut protection without fiberglass or steel discomfort
  • DX Technology engineered yarn delivers extreme comfort that is 20% lighter than a traditional HPPE of the same cut level
  • DX Technology feels cool to the touch which keeps the wearer cool and comfortable while working
  • Premium 1.5” hook and loop closure with gusset bicep treatment fits all arms
  • Available in 18” and 22” lengths with and without thumb slot
  • Thumb slot option will keep the sleeve from riding up while providing comfort and protection
  • Thin fiber knit palm for added comfort
  • High-visibility color enhances worker protection and ensures compliance
  • Machine washable for longer service life
  • ANSI Level A4 Cut Resistance

Get the latest technology in rugged cut protection without irritation with Magid’s M-GARD™ DX™ Technology DXS 13-Gauge Sleeve!

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As a PPE manufacturer with workers of our own, we understand your safety needs and the challenges you face. Our industry-leading experts and skilled manufacturing team, coupled with our worldwide network of suppliers, mean we source or develop everything you need to keep your workers safe at competitive prices. We answer your questions, conduct onsite assessments and tackle your toughest safety challenges - from customizing PPE to creating inventory management and distribution programs.

Magid is the only company that gives you this kind of true expertise and personalized service. We're a fourth-generation family-owned business and still growing strong - at Magid, safety isn't just a job, it's our legacy!

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Press Contact:
Craig Zurko
Marketing Manager