Nylon Gloves

Magid® ROC® GP150 Grey Nylon High-Density Knit Gloves with Grey Premium Polyurethane Palm Coating Magid® ROC® BP170 Black High Density Nylon Gloves with Black Premium Polyurethane Palm Coating  Magid® ROC® PU50 White 15-gauge Form-Fitting Nylon Gloves with White Premium Polyurethane Palm Coat
As low as $33.00 /DZ
As low as $35.52 /DZ
As low as $19.56 /DZ
Ansell® HyFlex® 11-800 Foam Nitrile Palm Coated Machine Knit Assembly Gloves Magid® ROC® JDW150 Grey Nylon Knit Gloves with Grey Standard-Grade Polyurethane Palm Coating Ansell® HyFlex® 11-100 Foam Nitrile Palm Coated Static Control Gloves
As low as $44.16 /DZ
As low as $21.72 /DZ
As low as $77.52 /DZ
Ansell® HyFlex® 11-600B Polyurethane Palm Coated Knit Lined Assembly Gloves Magid® FiberLock® 132NYA Seamless 100% Nylon Machine Knit Gloves Magid® CleanMaster® 4312 8" Nylon Tricot Gloves
As low as $27.12 /DZ
As low as $13.08 /DZ
As low as $4.68 /DZ
Magid® CleanMaster® Mens and Ladies Medium Weight Stretch Nylon Gloves Magid® KnitMaster® 13NY High-Density Stretch Nylon Glove Magid® KnitMaster® 20NY 100% Nylon Seamless machine Knit Gloves
As low as $5.28 /DZ
As low as $7.68 /DZ
As low as $9.00 /DZ

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Magid Nylon Gloves Combine Safety and Comfort
Magid Glove & Safety provides affordable choices for quality protective gloves, fit for any general purpose application. Flexibility and dexterity are crucial to performing well on the job, whether for cleanroom, electronic or automotive applications, among many others. From nylon knit gloves with polyurethane palm coatings, to medium weight stretch nylon gloves, you can count on Magid to have the protective gloves required to keep workers protected, build a safer workplace, and improve performance. Choose from a wide selection of sizes, lengths and patterns to fit your needs and budget. 
Features, options and benefits of Magid nylon gloves include:
·         Form-fitting machine-knit shell for comfort and breathability
·         Excellent grip and dexterity
·         Reversible nylon gloves ensure longer wear
·         Low linting for less contamination
·         Pre-laundered to retain size
·         Highly reusable
Enjoy the benefits of Magid Glove & Safety, and call today!