Predicting the Future of Lockout/Tagout

Everyone has problems like lost keys, coordinating key-alikes, and trouble controlling master keys.
Click below to learn what’s on the horizon to make lockout/tagout easier, safer, and more secure.
Machine Access...
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Bluetooth Locks
2017 saw the advent of Bluetooth locks mostly for personal use, but Bluetooth technology in industrial settings is coming soon. Manufacturers will be able to use phones and other electronic devices to unlock equipment.

RFID Badges
RFID badges will be used instead of traditional keys. This technology will have the added benefit of helping safety managers track usage – notifying them when a lock was opened and who opened it.

A worker's fingerprint will soon have the ability to unlock locks. Like RFID badges, this technology will help track usage and notify a safety manager when a lock was opened and who opened it.

...and Smart Machines...
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Smart machines save time and effort by detecting major vs. minor maintenance needs.This will eliminate the time workers spend troubleshooting and allow them to start the repair process right away.

Smart machines will automatically suggest the correct procedures to follow for safe service. This will save time when it comes to machine maintenance and get malfunctioning machines back up and running more quickly, increasing production.

Automatic Shutoff
Smart machines will also help reduce injuries since they can be set to shut off automatically when they sense human contact.

...and Robots, oh my!
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Robots will start performing highly dangerous tasks to reduce the time that a worker is in harm’s way.

Jammed Machines
In the past, the dangerous task of unjamming machines was left to workers. In the future, workers will use a remote controlled robot to do this job, greatly reducing the risk of injury.

Veryifying that hydraulic lines are down is another example of a highly dangerous task that will be left to robots in the future.

Be ready for the future of Lockout/Tagout.
Keep an eye out for these innovative tools that can save you time, money and most importantly, improve worker safety.