Don’t Stay With a Prescription Eyewear Program That Doesn’t Work For You

Since January 1, 2017, some major national chains made significant changes to their prescription safety eyewear programs – either offloading them to another vendor or dropping them entirely. What used to be as easy as sending your workers into the store for safety glasses may now involve:
  • prepaid cards to track and distribute to employees
  • mandatory prepay of eyewear expenses

One of the biggest concerns from customers is that they don’t want to prepay for a service that has always been a monthly billing.  According to a number of customers they claim there are too many steps to obtain cards and then disseminate them back out to their employees.” – Bob Henderson, Magid Safety Rx Eyewear Specialist

Keeping your workers in OSHA-compliant protective eyewear doesn’t have to be such a hassle. If your provider focuses on making things easy for them, it might be time to look for someone who makes things easy and economical for you.  Here are some things to look for in a prescription safety eyewear program:

Allowance Customization | Find a customizable prescription eyewear program that works with your pre-set allowance so you can designate each employee’s spend without worrying about going over.
No Payment Cards | That means no worries about cards lost or stolen. No worries about employees leaving the company with cards in hand. And no need for you to create a system to keep track of it all.
No Prepay | You pay only for the safety glasses you buy each month. No need to lay out a significant cost in advance.
Local Support | Good programs support your community by partnering with local opticians to get workers professionally measured, provide corporate wholesale pricing and offer a wider array of choices than the retail outlets offer.

There are prescription eyewear programs that make things easier. So don’t settle for one that doesn’t work for you.

Here’s more information on what to look for when choosing a prescription eyewear program.