Magid Glove & Safety offers a variety of articles designed to increase our customers' awareness of safety issues that may affect their operations. These articles are available by clicking the PDF icon or in some cases, the article name. Use the contents list below to quickly find an area you are interested in. To learn more about PDFs, click here.


Respirators First Aid
 Pandemic Preparation Kit  First Aid Kits & Accessories
   Pandemic Preparation Kit
   Guidance on Preparing Workplace for an Influenza Pandemic
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Head & Face Protection Ergonomics
 Fibre-Metal Roughneck Series Hard Caps  
 3M Head & Face Respirators  
 3M Speedglas Filters and Helmets  
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Hearing Protection Fall Protection
 E2 Earplugs  
 E2 Breast Cancer Earplugs  
 Moldex Pura-fit Earplugs  
 Moldex Goin Green Earplugs  
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Eye Protection Emergency Response
 Gemstone Safety Glasses  Gatorade/Sqwincher 2009 Promotion
   The Science of Hydration
   Heat & Humidity Guide
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Gloves Facilities Maintenance
 CutMaster XKS Gloves  
 D-ROC Gloves  
 K-ROC Gloves  
 Ansell Cut Resistant Gloves  
 Ansell Precision Gloves  
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 A.R.C. Flash Kit  
 CarbonX Clothing  
 Hi-Viz Safety Vests  
 Winter Clothing  
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