How to Buy Protective Footwear

Workers require footwear that’s tough and comfortable. Magid® offers a wide range of protective footwear designed to guard against injuries, keep feet warm and dry and resist chemicals and abrasions. Leveraging our partnerships with industry’s leading providers, we offer a protective footwear solution for every job.


Types of Protective Footwear

Rubber Boots

Work boots made from 100% waterproof rubber keep feet dry and comfortable.

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Steel-toed overshoes slip on easily over work boots or shoes for enhanced flexibility and protection. Ideal solution for visitors.

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Spiked Boots

Soles equipped with spikes provide enhanced traction in wet and slippery conditions, including ice or oil.


Foot Guards

Guards attach quickly and easily to existing work boots to provide versatile foot protection on demand.

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Additional Footwear Options

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC ), Nitrile and Neoprene |
Footwear made from
PVC, nitrile and neoprene provides increased chemical and oil resistance. Tall styles protect up to the knee.

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Metatarsal Guards | Styles with proven metatarsal protection. Protect
against abrasions and impact up to 75lbs.

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Steel Toes | Provides protective reinforcements to shield toes from falling
objects or compression.

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