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Shoes for Crews® are Great News
New footwear collection helps workers get a grip!

There are some safety hazards that simply cannot be engineered out. Just ask Paul Schmidt, safety coordinator for a dairy product manufacturer. "It's not a housekeeping issue," Schmidt explains. "It gets slick here from the cases, materials and milk products. The floor also gets wet from sanitizers. In the past, employees had been slipping in the coolers on liquids or soapy water."

In February, Schmidt's Magid rep suggested that he try Shoes for Crews®, a collection of footwear designed to withstand the rigors of a slippery workplace while offering comfort and durability for workers. This slip-resistant footwear is as comfortable as an athletic shoe yet offers outstanding protection from slipping and falling. Schmidt began a pilot program in February, and, as part of the evaluation process, began wearing the shoes himself. "There's no better way to try something new than to test it myself," he explains. "I put the shoes on and went out on the line to perform tasks myself."

Schmidt was sold on the shoes, and he hasn't been the only one. "The shoes have really sold themselves. The employees love them. Word of mouth has generated great interest in the shoes. We've had no slips with these shoes."

Brendan Nevels, safety manager for a leading food corporation has been equally pleased with the shoes and boots. "Our facility makes frozen french fries and hash browns," he says. "There's lots of oil and lots of dripping. It's very slippery, particularly around the frylator - a 5 ft. by 55 ft. long frying vat." Using Shoes for Crews® has eliminated slips and falls in this area. "We have about 30 pairs on the floor right now," Nevels says. "Our Sanitation and Operations areas are using the rubber boots, which really grip the floor."

The office personnel at the food corporation have also switched to Shoes for Crews®. "They're comfortable enough to wear in the office," explains Nevels, "and this is a safe way for office workers to travel from slippery to non-slippery areas. These people are unfamiliar with all the different floor surfaces, and the shoes protect them. In fact, I just ordered a pair for the plant manager."

Both companies are pleased with the protection and comfort Shoes for Crews® offers. "Our workers have been very happy with how comfortable the shoes are," says Nevels.

"They don't need to break them in. And workers' backs haven't been bothering them. Everybody's happy!" Schmidt from the dairy manufacturer agrees. "The surface in our facility is pretty hard. The cushions in these shoes are great."

Most importantly, in the short time both companies have been using Shoes for Crews®, slips have decreased dramatically. Nevels notes that the food industry used to have about 10 minor slips or "near misses" as well as one lost-day injury per month because of slips. That number has gone down considerably. "We've also seen an increase in productivity," he says. "The shoes have really been a boost to employee relations. Production has increased because everyone is happy, comfortable and safe from slips."

Schmidt from the dairy product manufacturer echoes Nevels' sentiments. "In 1999 we had nine injuries related to slips and falls," he says. "So far, in 2000, we haven't had one slip with Shoes for Crews®. My workers don't want to slip - and they want to be comfortable. With Shoes for Crews® we can protect them from the fears and dangers of slipping while keeping them comfortable."

As an added incentive, Shoes for Crews® offers a Slip and Fall Accident Warranty which will reimburse companies up to $2,000 for any slip and fall accident which occurs while wearing Shoes for Crews®.Additional conditions do apply, so contact your Magid representative for more information.