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Q: Is there a specification or industry standard for the color of various glove coatings?
A: No, but there are colors that have traditionally been associated with glove coatings and glove types. For example, most neoprene gloves were black, but now they can be found in blue/yellow, white, etc. Similarly, most nitrile, unsupported gloves are green-but not always. Of course, there is no magic attached to the color of the coating. There is, however, a very real psychological issue. A classic example of this is Magid's line of PVC coated gloves. These PVC gloves are offered in eight colors (from one recipe)-the only difference being the color of the pigment added to the PVC coating during manufacturing. However, Magid routinely hears from customers that employees report their preferred color outlasts and outperforms other colors. In reality, the only time color makes a difference in performance, other than psychological, is with a darker color red glove, such as the G 14 181KW gray knit, which does not show dirt as quickly.