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Q: What is your recommendation for an effective way in which to stay current with new PPE products in the marketplace?

A: Professional trade magazines, industry trade shows, and professional associations are excellent sources of this information. Another valuable source is your local PPE sales professional. One of the tools at your disposal from this resource is a plant survey.
For example, Magid's trained PPE salespeople will assess your current situation, identifying the nature and number of any plant injuries, as well as the proper application of PPE products. Following the thorough survey, which should be conducted with plant safety personnel, PPE samples are evaluated. These samples, will represent the newest products and technology available in the marketplace to help you protect your employees effectively and cost efficiently. Of course, the key to deriving this comprehensive outlook is ensuring you PPE provider offers a full, comprehensive mix of products, product lines, and leading manufacturers, such as Magid Glove & Safety.