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Emergency Response

Emergency Response

When time is of the essence, respond on the double with economically-priced emergency response products from Magid Glove & Safety. In addition to the proper safety equipment that helps prevent accidents and injury from occurring, Magid provides the emergency response products you need in the event of an emergency. Workers must always be prepared for an emergency, with the right supplies and equipment on hand to clean, rehydrate and rest should an accident take place.

Choose from Magid Glove & Safety features and options:
·         Emergency portable eyewash systems with patented designs
·         Fluid pressure balancing eyewashing systems for ANSI Z358 compliance
·         Versatile sorbent pads for safe and easy cleanup
·         Portable coolers reduce risk of dehydration on the job
·         Brightly colored stations for high visibility

Our EMS products range from emergency showers, portable eyewash stations, and hand and skin care, to sorbents, stretchers and rehydration drinks such as Gatorade® and Sqwincher®. Keep the appropriate emergency response products easily accessible to workers in extreme conditions and hazardous work environments to reduce the risk of injury or accidents. Magid can prepare you for any potential workplace emergency no matter how urgent. Invest in facility maintenance equipment in order to help lower the chances of an accident occurring.