Tips for Worker PPE Comfort and Moisture Management

Uncomfortable PPE is the #1 reason workers take off their safety gear — and that’s when injuries occur. According to workers, heat and moisture are major contributors to discomfort. Updated designs and materials for moisture management focus on keeping workers cool, dry and comfortable.

Features to help you keep your cool:


Air Permeability

Air permeability measures how easily air can pass through a material.

THE TREND: Mesh materials are a popular new alternative that can allow for 60% more airflow through gloves for heat dissipation and cooler hands.

Sensory Cooling

Sensory cooling comes from special fibers that induce the sensation of coolness by triggering cold receptors in the nerve endings near your skin's surface.

THE TREND: Manufacturers are creating fabrics that are cool to the touch to enhance overall comfort. Fabrics like Magid’s own Hyperon™ were developed to be lightweight and feel cool to the touch.


Moisture Wicking Fibers

Moisture wicking fibers are treated to accelerate moisture evaporation. This process moves sweat away from your body to keep you dry and cool.

THE TREND: Manufacturers are making modifications at the fiber level to help speed evaporation by pairing moisture management fibers with fibers like mesh that offer better air permeability. The most commonly used material is modified polyester - with fibers that are designed to encourage moisture to migrate through.


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