Building Relationships

Magid is committed to becoming your preferred supplier by delivering high-quality, high-value safety products efficiently and cost effectively. Because we understand each customer’s needs and priorities differ, Magid has a collection of partnership programs that can be tailored to meet your particular specifications. Please contact your local Magid sales representative or call us at 800.867.1083 for more information or for further assistance with any of our services or programs:

National Account Advantage
  • Negotiated corporate contracts
  • Consolidated purchasing
  • Demonstrated year-over-year cost savings
  • Product standardization program
  • Dedicated, single-point-of-contact
  • Well-tested implementation plan proven to expedite savings
Zero Investment Inventory Program (Z.I.I.P.)
Product consignment reduces inventory risk and up-front investment

Safety-On-Site (S.O.S.)
On-site store operated and managed by Magid keeps product in stock and personnel off your payroll

Protection At Hand (P.A.H.)
Kitted bins delivered throughout the plant enhance productivity and reduce expenses

Just In Time (J.I.T.)
Product is stocked and shipped as needed to keep production running smoothly and inventory holding costs at a minimum

Cross Docking
Items delivered on predetermined schedule in specified quantities and configurations improve efficiency and reduce legwork

PPE Vending Solutions
Vending machines allow additional flexibility in dispensing safety products while helping to manage and track consumption

Laundering Services
Soiled gloves and clothing cleaned and refurbished for additional usage, extending wear and reducing total lifetime costs

Prescription Eyewear Program
Keep workers protected and productive while reducing overall costs

PPE Wizard®
Exclusive, advanced product cross reference system delivers cost saving recommendations tailored to your application

PPE Assessment & Injury Reduction

The heart of our customer safety partnerships, on-site PPE assessments are a proven means of reducing injury and achieving related cost savings. Over the course of a 2-3 day assessment, our safety professionals identify present or potential hazards necessitating the use of personal protective equipment.

PPE Standardization

Companies that set and follow PPE standards at the corporate or individual plant level consistently experience cost savings, SKU reduction and greater compliance with EHS requirements. Magid's safety experts will facilitate the process by coordinating product testing and approval, documenting progress and promoting standardization. Our PPE Standardization program ensures adequate protection with employees using the right product for the job.

Electrical Glove Testing (EGT)

Magid's in-house electrical glove testing (EGT) lab is one of the most sophisticated and automated in the industry. Helping you meet ASTM F496 requirements, we offer accurate convenient testing services for new or in-service electrical rubber gloves from Class 00 to Class 4, 11" to 18" lengths and all cuff styles.

Fit Testing
A fit test ensures a proper fit and seal of a respirator. Our staff is trained to perform these tests, ensuring your workers are protected from gasses, vapors and fumes.