11 Ways to Make Training More Fun for Employees

As the workforce ages, getting young workers up to speed is more important than ever.

Training is the fastest way to fill the skill gap that’s left behind when veteran workers decide to hang it up. 
We’ve got some fresh and fun ways you can spruce up your safety training techniques so young workers leave your sessions engaged, empowered and equipped with the skills needed to do the job.

First Things First – Learning Types

Before you choose a training technique, understand that your workforce is likely made up of different types of learners. It’s important that your safety training sessions offer something for everyone. Use a combination of techniques for maximum information retention.

learning types


retention of learning types

Mix and match these ideas and find which approach is best for your work
environment and which satisfies different types of learners.

Interactive Presentations & Videos

Keep it fun! Improve your PowerPoint by adding fun images of what
not to do or engaging videos to help break up a lecture.

Check out Magid’s Facebook page for fun Safety Fail Friday images you can use. Grab a Safety Matters Express video from our YouTube channel.


Try a game like “safety bingo” or “spot the hazard.” Hand out prizes like branded t-shirts or points that add up and can be cashed in for a bigger prize at the end of training.

Small Group Breakout Sessions

Divide students up into small groups. Give them a workplace scenario and ask them as a group to outline the proper safety procedures and PPE that should be used to prevent an injury. 

Case Studies

Share a real life example. Have an experienced worker discuss a mistake he/she made that led to an injury or a situation where proper PPE prevented an injury.

Utilize Your Veteran Workers

Bring in experienced or retired workers and let the newbies pick their brain.

Let an experienced peer lead the training session. People like to hear from those who work alongside them.

Offer rewards to your veteran workers for putting up with the newbie tag-alongs!

Allow new employees to train with veteran workers across all workplace applications or shadow an experienced worker as they do their job.


Use your facility as a stage and let your workers be the actors. Simulate a potential hazardous situation and walk through the Dos and Don’ts.

Dress a Mannequin

Have workers dress a mannequin with the appropriate PPE for a specific application. Or use two mannequins and make it a team competition.


Leave the classroom and hit the production floor. Let workers see in real-time the practices and procedures you’ve been training them on.

Quizzes and Review Questions

Test your workers’ knowledge before you start training with a fun quiz! Give away little prizes to encourage participation. Ask review questions at the end of each topic you cover. Make it a fun competition. We recommend a site like kahoot.com to make the review interactive!

Experience PPE From the Inside Out

Let workers put PPE through the wringer. Allow them to hammer a steel toed boot or cut through a non-cut-resistant material and a cut-resistant material with a razor or scissors to see the difference.

Safety Olympics

Mix and match any of these ideas and create different obstacles throughout your facility aimed at testing a worker’s knowledge. Have a ceremony at the end to celebrate the winners.

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