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Ergonomic Solutions for Preventing Repetitive Stress Hand Injuries   Best Practices in Fall Protection   The ABCs of Confined Space Safety   Innovations and Trends in Hearing Conservation
  • Choosing the right ergonomic PPE
  • Dampening vibration on the job
  • Lessening impacts to the palm and back of hand
  • Gauging and reducing the cost of injuries
  • OSHA guidelines and recommendations
  • Recent fall statistics
  • OSHA Standards and Consensus Standards
  • Harness, lanyard and rescue equipment overview:
  • How to choose the fall protection that’s right for you
  • Developing a fall protection rescue plan
  • Hazardous atmospheric conditions and testing
  • Entry permits and procedures
  • Monitoring and ventilation best practices
  • Worker training
  • Program development and implementation
  • Contractors and host employers
  • Basics of noise-induced hearing loss
  • Implementing an OSHA hearing conservation program
  • Selection and fitting of hearing protectors
  • Employee motivation and training techniques/resources
  • New hearing conservation innovations and technologies
Industrial Heat Stress and Hydration: A Hot Topic with Cool Solutions   NFPA 70E 2015 & OSHA 1910.269 Update – Maximize Your Options   Eye Protection Program Essentials   The Science to Selecting the Proper Chemical-Resistant Glove
  • Contributing factors to heat stress
  • The heat index and how to use it
  • The signs of heat stress
  • Who is at risk for heat stress
  • Preventing heat stress through various engineering controls, administrative controls and PPE
  • Changes to NFPA 70E and OSHA 1910.269
    • New minimum protection requirements
    • Changes to AR/FR clothing categorization and labeling
    • Making sure you’re compliant
  • Selecting the right apparel for your application
  • Proper care and maintenance of protective clothing
  • ANSI Z87.1-2010 High Impact Safety Standard
  • How to identify the various eye and face hazards in the workplace
  • How to select and fit the right eyewear for the hazard
  • Features and benefits of various lens and frame styles
  • Latest technological advancements
  • The different types of chemical-resistant gloves available
  • How to select the right glove for the chemicals being encountered
  • Features and benefits of the different types of materials (degradation, breakthrough time, permeation rate) constructions, thickness, dexterity, finishes, linings and cuffs
Protective Clothing
  Laceration Cessation
  Elements of a Proper Respiratory Protection Program   Steps to Jump Starting Your Industrial AED Program
  • Evaluating Workplace Hazards
  • Protecting Your Employees
  • Work clothing and FR apparel standards
  • Managing Your Clothing Assets
  • Apparel selection criteria
  • Rent vs. buy, home wash vs. industrial laundry
  • Cutting costs
  • OSHA, CDC, BLS, and NSC statistics
  • Calculating bottom line impact
  • Preventing injuries and associated costs
  • ANSI/SEA 105 Classification for Cut Resistance determined by ASTM F1970-97
  • PPE Selection
  • OSHA 29 CFR 1910.134 overview
  • Procedures for selecting respirators
  • Fit testing requirements
  • Maintenance and care of respirators
  • Filter replacement schedules on half and full masks
  • Why do I need an AED in my workplace?
  • Understanding Cardiac Arrest
  • How do I implement a compliant AED program?
  • Understanding good Samaritan laws
  • What to look for in an AED?
  • Important features, total cost of ownership
Getting Beyond the Buzz on PPE Vending   10 Most Common PPE Mistakes in Electrical Arc Flash Training Programs   The Dirty Truth about Laundered Shop Towels   Fundamentals of First Aid in the Workplace
  • Different types of PPE vending machines
  • How vending reduces cost and increases accountability
  • How vending improves productivity
  • Overview of the sales process
  • Installation and maintenance
  • The importance of wearing PPE
  • How to select the right FR product by the correct standard instead of reading labels
  • The difference between FR Rainwear and Arc-Rated Rainwear
  • The protective benefits of FR winter workwear over non-FR winter workwear
  • Undergarment training
  • 2011 Gradient study key findings on the effects of heavy metals on shop towels in the workplace
  • The many different types of wipers available
  • How to select the appropriate wiper for your application
  • What you can do to reduce exposure to heavy metal toxicity
  • Role of First Aid in the Workplace
  • Compliance to the Latest OSHA/ANSI Standards
  • Selecting and Deploying First Aid Kits and Cabinets
  • AEDs and their Role in the Workplace
  • Outsourcing vs. Managing Your Own First Aid Program