How to Buy Safety Eye Protection Equipment

The vast majority of work related eye injuries can be prevented by using proper safety eyewear. Magid® provides a full range of comfortable protective eyewear to guard against particles and objects striking or abrading eyes.


Types of Eye Protection



Safety Glasses

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Safety Goggles

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Foam Lines/Sealed Safety Glasses

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Frame Options






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  Adjustable Nosepads

  Anti-dust Seal

Temple Options


Interchangeable Temple

Telescoping Temple

Head Strap

Ratchet Temple


Soft Tips


Safety Lens Features


Keeps inside of lens from fogging up and obstructing vision. Great for humid conditions.

Hard Coating
Reduces scratches that obstruct vision and provides longer life for eyewear.

Act as a bifocal for improved vision at close range. Available in different diopters to match wearers' vision.

Lens Color
Available in different lens colors with different properties that help protect workers eyes for specific applications:





Allows maximum light transmission; most popular safety lens; great for indoor applications.

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Absorbs blue and ultraviolet light making focusing easier; provides greater clarity in fog, haze and low light.

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Blue Mirror

Reduces the amount of light that passes through; lessens glare; enhances color perception; defines contours; helps in high heat applications.

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Reduces the amount of light that passes through; effectively dims surroundings.

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Light Grey

Provides a light tint for work outdoors in shaded areas where grey tint does not provide enough light transmission.

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Eliminates reflected glare providing better vision in sunny environments and reducing eye strain.

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Uses a light tint that’s ideal for moving between indoor or shaded areas to direct sunlight.

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Limits hazardous ultraviolet, infrared radiation and blue light suppression. Should not be used for general purpose

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Side Shields

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  Lens Cleaners

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Magid Prescription Safety Eyewear Program

Magid has teamed up with Essilor Laboratories to manufacture and manage our Prescription Safety Eyewear programs. The Essilor PrescriptionSafety Eyewear division specializes in creating programs that ensure OSHA compliance in accordance with ANSI-2010 Standards. With a nationally based network of laboratories, panel eyecare providers and field representatives, Magid has the ability to supply quick, accurate support and quality products.

Program Highlights

• Corporate wholesale pricing
• Dedicated field support for each facility
• 6000+ panel eyecare providers and regional laboratories from coast to coast
• Contract onsite opticians available
• Eye web kiosks available
• Customizable programs by facility
• Custom forms to reflect program allowances determined by safety managers
• Tested and certified to meet and exceed ANSI.1-2010 requirements

Safety Frames

In a 2008 survey conducted at the National Safety Council Congress, discomfort was found to be the leading cause of PPE non-compliance. Workers complained that their safety glasses were too hot, fit poorly, or were unattractive. With frames from the Titmus/Uvex™, 3M™, ArmouRx™, On-Guard™, and Hudson Optical™ collections; Magid offers styles and sizes to accommodate everyone’s needs including non-conductive 70E frames containing no metal parts and full sealed wrap designs for small particle hazards.