How to Buy Leather Gloves

Leather gloves are a popular choice for workers exposed to abrasions, heavy equipment hazards and heat. Leather gloves are durable and maintain their protective properties and flexibility over long periods of wear. Magid® offers a wide selection of leather gloves for a variety of applications including construction, maintenance, material handling, metal handling, and appliance assembly.


Choosing a Leather Hide




Split Grain
Durability/Abrasion Resistance* Best Very Good Good Good Very Good
Cost of Ownership Best Very Good Good Fair Very Good
Dexterity Fair Good Very Good Best Good
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* In general, unlined leather provides up to ANSI level 1 cut resistance. Testing for specific gram scores is available upon request. For leather gloves with ANSI cut levels 2–5, please refer to the Cut Resistant Gloves Buying Guide for more information.

Choosing a Cut of Leather


Grain Leather

Smooth, flexible outer layer of the hide; water and oil repellent

Split Leather

Rough underside of the hide; tough and economical

• Side Split
Most durable, longest-lasting

• Shoulder Split
More economical, less durable

Cutaway of a Leather Hide

    <----------------- Top Grain
    <----------------- Split Hide

Types of Constructions


Leather Palm

Provides durability at critical wear points while fabric back adds breathability; majority are cowhide.

• Gunn Cut – longest lasting construction

• Clute Cut – most economical

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Double Palm

Extra layer of leather sewn onto the palm for added abrasion resistance.

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Leather Glove Thumb Styles


Full Leather

Leather covers the entire hand for 360° protection.

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Full-leather gloves designed to maximize fit and flexibility.

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Keystone Thumb

Maximum flexibility and comfort

Wing Thumb

More natural, ergonomic fit

Straight Thumb

Most economical choice


Leather Glove Cuff Styles

Knit Wrist

Shop Knit Wrist

Slip-On Cuff

Shop Slip-On Cuff
2.5" Safety Cuff

Shop Safety Cuff
4.5" Gauntlet Cuff

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