Head & Face Protection

Head Protection

Selecting the proper face and head protection is one of the most critical components to ensuring your safety. Now you can save money and lives with face shield, welding helmets, hard hats, bump caps, headgears, suspensions, visors and more from Magid. Our face and head protection products are designed to improve safety and comfort in the workplace. They are available in a variety of configurations and styles so that you can choose the protection and the look that complements you best.

Choose from a wide variety of Magid head protection’s features and options:
·         Advanced electronics for auto-darkening welding purposes
·         High impact face shields protect against flying particles
·         Lightweight hard hats with webbed suspension system
·         Polyethylene shell for maximum protection
·         Bright colors for high visibility
·         ARC safety to protect from arc flash
Magid Glove & Safety provides head protection, hard hats and face shields in a large range of sizes, ensuring the perfect fit for any worker. When working in hazardous conditions, your hard hat can help save your life. Comfort and protection play major roles in workplace safety, and our construction hard hats, welding helmets and other head protection products ensure workers’ safety all day long. Pair your hats or masks with respirators for even more safety options.
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