CarbonX Heat Resistant Gloves

CarbonX® CX100 Heat Resistant 11" Carbon Knit Glove CarbonX® CX10020 Heat Resistant 20" Carbon Knit Glove and Sleeve CarbonX® CX62 Flame Resistant Leather Composite Mechanic's Glove
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As low as $21.50 /PR
As low as $54.65 /PR
CarbonX Heat Resistant Gloves

If you are working around flames or high heat applications and need extra protection. CarbonX is they way to go. Carbon X is the only fabric able to withstand the direct flame of a blow torch without melting, igniting or burning – even when exposed to the flame for up to 20 times longer than the leading competition. CarbonX is designed to be used as a liner for added heat and flame protection. Magid Glove & Safety also offers CarbonX mechanic’s gloves for high heat applications, as well as, CarbonX socks, underpants and undershirts.

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